We had no engineering experience or background, but we had the passion and a goal. The goal was to bridge the gap between automakers and energy-efficient solutions for mobility. We had no notion that one day we'd have to state down our values. Thanks to the ever-growing ADM family — employees and customers — the need for pronouncing our values is more than ever. As we scale greater heights of innovation and success, together with the goals of our employees and customers, we take great pleasure in owning these values. From making the right decisions, fostering teamwork, to helping employees communicate the same to customers, our values truly define us!


Our customers are at the heart of our processes. With the application of a potent mix of people, processes, and technology, we help them reach their goals. Our Research & Development capabilities engineer innovations of the future Growth is thus aligned with a Purpose.


Since inception, we have consciously strived to create solutions that secure customers from the volatility of the market. Our agile and lean structure has kept us nimble towards market dynamics and more responsive to change. This helps reduce costs while maintaining quality.


Our focus is more than just profits. Being an integral part of an industry that accounts for a fair share of environmental as well as social effects, we ensure responsible production and consumption. This helps us strengthen the health of our business structure.


We strongly believe that happy customers are a direct result of happy employees. The satisfaction of both is of critical importance to us. We ensure that satisfaction by practising complete transparency through quality, synergistic relationships, and a clear focus.


Every product we make, every partnership we pursue — everything we do — is built on the foundation of integrity. Our commitment to honesty, trust, and openness has earned us admiration and respect across the Automotive Industry and the community at large. Even when no one is looking, we always do the right thing!


At ADM Group, we are a community. Our diversity is a primary factor contributing to creativity and innovation in our workplace. From extending our market reach to shaping our leaders for the future, diversity plays a big role in our structure.

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