Born and grown into the global supply chains of Automotive OEMs, the young ADM Group picking up on the rising tide of transformative changes in the world of Mobility, incorporated ADM MobiTech, an all-new entity to fully focus on continually supporting the Future Mobility sector.

The dynamic and diverse team of ADM MobiTech is working on various contemporary and advanced technologies offering products and solutions for Future Mobility OEMs across the vehicle classes.

In various collaborative alliances with global technology companies, MobiTech’s current offerings for vehicular electrification include complete units, subsystems, or parts for:

  • Propulsion
  • Transmission & Controls
  • Thermal Management of Batteries

ADM MobiTech is working on various product solutions and parts to store and transfer Hydrogen and Alternate Fuels in the rising and revolutionary usage for Generation and Mobility applications.

ADM MobiTech exists to keep creating world-leading customisable technologies and products.

Hydrogen Transfer lines

Hydrogen Transfer Lines

Battery Cooling Solutions

Battery Cooling Solutions

EV Motors

EV Motors

Annual Returns

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