Manufacturing &
Supply Chain

Our Engineering and Innovation competence stems from our rock-solid infrastructure complete with the latest technology, distinct material, and a community of homegrown suppliers. All those in congruence with the ability to customise and a flexible workforce differentiate us from the competition. Our unmatched costs in comparison with global manufacturers only establish the reason we are one of the leading OEMs in India. Listed below are our elaborate manufacturing capabilities:

Materials and Heat Treatment:Domain-specific expertise in materials and heat treatments.
Rare Anywhere Joining Processes:Mastered Complex and Intricate Joining processes - Brazing, Welding & Smart Joining.
New Age Techs:Advanced Automations, Robotics and Digital deployments (i4.0).
Custom-Built from Best in Class:Custom-built Equipment and Lines from the Best in Class.
Men Multipliers:Across the Strata, (multi) Skilled, Flexible and Stable Workforce.
Distinct Lines:High Economy, High Quality, High-Speed end to end balanced Lines.
Quality Systems and Practices:World acknowledged, our adopted manufacturing and quality Systems -Practices. Blend of homegrown enhancements.
Distinct Materials:Strong access and Capabilities to develop special and unique grades of materials.
Engineered Tubing:Precision-engineered in-house tube manufacturing - grades, properties, precision, profiles.
Tubular Transformations:Complex and Tough Tubular transformations - Bending Hot & Cold, Hydroforming, End Forming.
Community of Homegrown Suppliers:Hands-on developed grown and parented base of suppliers for unique custom designed and built BOPs across commodities - stamped, cast, forged, machined.
Combi and Hybrid Assemblies:Assembly skills and setups for unique combinations and hybrid parts and sub-assemblies.
Volumes in Singles to Six Digits:Smart, Simple, Flexible Lines for churning out single to six-digit volumes tuned to respond to Global Customer EDIs.
Locations and Logistics:Strategic global spread of warehouses well linked with leading logistics.
Key Process Lines:Ultrasonic cleaning (Water & Solvent based), Hot Forgings, Shot Peening, Powder Coating, Continuous & Vacuum Furnaces, Robo pasting, Differential leak testing with integrated Laser Marking, CNC Bendings, Precision stampings, Robotic laser & Tig Welding.
Cost Covering Competition:Unmatched Costs to cover any competition ever.
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